In the past, I taught courses and guest lectures in Amsterdam, Bergen, Cambridge, and guest seminars at, among other locations, FU Berlin, Columbia, Freiburg, Oxford, Smolny College St. Petersburg, and Stanford university. My teaching topics included Russian cultural history, literature and new media, Russian postmodern art and writing, Soviet memory and media, late and post-Soviet culture, 19th-century Russian literature, Slavic philosophy, and literary and cultural theory. 

Examples of BA and MA theses that I supervised include analyses of online Stalin representations; postmodernism and trauma in Sorokin's prose; Russian and Ukrainian nostalgia and/in voting; Russian dissident visions on homosexuality; and post-Soviet online slang.

At the moment, I am teaching (parts of) BA courses on Russia, Literary Masterpieces, our thesis lab, and I host a tutorial on Creative Imperfections. In Amsterdam's MA and Research MA programs, I participate in courses on New Media Literary Forms, Literary Studies in the Twenty-First Century, and the Extreme Contemporary Novel. BA, MA theses and papers that students are currently writing under my supervision include work on failure and gender in 21st-century literature; Google Maps art and imperfections; a postcolonial study of the cardboard game Catan; and war writing in late and post-Soviet Russia. 

In Amsterdam, I welcome BA and MA/RMA proposals on related topics, and on work related to Russian cultural history, (post-Soviet) contemporary culture, literature, aesthetics, and social media.