Welcome to this site. My name is Ellen Rutten. I am professor of literature and chair of the Department of Russian & Slavic Studies at the University of Amsterdam. At the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, I co-founded and co-coordinate the research collectives Digital Emotions and Literature of the 21st CenturyI also act as editor-in-chief of the journal Russian LiteratureMy research interests include post-Soviet literature, (Russian and global) art and design, social media, Soviet memory, and nation branding. 

Photos & site
Pictures Ksenia Galiaeva, site design Mykola Makhortykh.

Current research
In 2015, I started Sublime Imperfections -- 
a research project funded by the Netherlands Scientific Organization. For this project, two PhD students and I examine social practices in which imperfection is praised as hallmark for authenticity, humanness, or wellbeing in response to drastic social and technological changes -- think torn jeans, handwritten signs, or glitch art. I teach classes and supervise work on the same topics, but also on the politics of (Soviet-era) children's literature and Russia and Eastern Europe as cultural constructions. On these and related topics that have my academic interest -- whether they be Putin on panties, Ostalgic trash design, or Vasilii Grossman's war prose -- you find details on this site.